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Custom Embosser
(Logo Only fitting a circle insert)

Custom Embosser
( Logo & additional text around the logo)

Text Embosser
Forming A Circle

Text Embosser
1" x 2" rectangle

Specialty Embossers

Address Embosser

Book Embosser

Corporate Seal Embosser

Fun Designed Embosser

Library Embosser

Monogram Initials Embosser

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"I received the embosser today and it is really great-just what i wanted. Thank You."

W Gillard
River Forest, IL


"Good afternoon,
We received the embosser today and it is perfect.  Thanks so much for getting this order turned around so quickly!

Louisville, KY


"Hi, I LOVE MY EMBROSSER YOU GUYS ROCK, it's great I am so excited about the work excellent.I will recommend you to every one I know.
Thank you."

Emmanuel Ortega

Lehigh acres, FL


"Thank you so much for your help. I got my embosser and it works perfect. Also I want to congratulate your people for the fantastic customer service you provide.

If I need any other, I'll order from you.

Thanks again,"

Elizabeth Del Salto
Ft. Lauderdale, FL


We Make Custom Embossers
with Your Logos and Text

We carry embossers that are used on a desk. Over time we have discovered many people don't have the hand strength for the hand held ones. They send the embosser back and we convert them to the desk embosser.

Desk Embosser Mount
Desk Embosser Mount with circular insert.

What is an Embosser Video 

Locking and Unlocking your Embosser Video 

4 Lay-out Styles of Embossers

1 Custom Logo only fitting a circle insert.
2 Custom Logo & addition text around the logo.
3 Text forming a circle
4 Text in a 1" x 2" rectangle.

Custom Logo Only Fitting a circle insert Embosser

Logo Only EmbosserHere you supply logo in an export format to us. We are looking for good quality artwork. A good way to test this is print the logo with your computer printer. If the edges are jagged - we can not use the artwork. If the edges are smooth or almost smooth, we can use the logo artwork. You will be asked to email the logo as an attachment during the embosser ordering process.

Custom Logo & additional text around the logo Embosser

Logo and Text EmbosserAgin, you supply the logo in an export format for the embosser. If you have enough text, the text can go all the way around the logo. The text starts at the bottom left.

Text Forming a Circle Embosser

Circle Text EmbosserUsually a line of text goes around the outside of the embosser with a few larger letters in the center. Example: your initials or text like Corporate Seal.


Text in a 1" x 2" Rectangle Embosser

Text 1 x 2 Rectangle EmbosserThese embosser are usually used for a return address on the back flap of an envelope. The most common use is for wedding invitation envelopes. It adds a lot of class to the wedding invitations and is very reasonable in cost.


"I am so delighted to write and thank you for the absolutely stellar embosser! It arrived exactly on schedule yesterday and the results it produces are so incredibly perfect! Thank you again for the amazing customer service and communication, and especially for the final product! I will certainly keep you in mind for other projects and recommend you as well.
Have a wonderful afternoon.

Audrey Kelm
Sacramento, CA