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Custom Logo Only fitting a circle insert

Custom Logo & additional text around the logo

Text forming a circle

Text in a 1" x 2" rectangle.

Specialty Embossers

Address Embosser

Book Embosser

Corporate Seal Embosser

Fun Designed Embosser

Library Embosser

Monogram Initials Embosser

Notary Seal Embosser


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This video shows you how to insert the embosser into the mount and how to use and store your embosser.

Book Embosser

Circle Text EmbosserUsually a line of text goes around the outside of the embosser with a few larger letters in the center. Example: your initials in the center. Top text - This book belongs to. Text around bottom - Your name. You can also have a return to address after reading. Make your book collection special and keep it in tack, even if you lend out a book or two. Most people forget who they browed the book from. Most people emboss the first page of the book (just under the cover).


Most Embossers shipped in 2 or 3 business days

You have two choices in the size of the embosser,
1 5/8" and 2" dia.

1 5/8" is the most popular and a little lower in price. Also, having a smaller embossing area requires less pressure when embossing the paper rather that the 2" dia. embosser.

Order 1 5/8" dia. Book Embosser Order $35.00
Order 2" dia. Book Embosser Order $40.00